Professor Milton Freidman once told American corporate executives that their only economic duty was  to pursue profit for their shareholders. Further, he said that it was socialistic for business people to allow social responsibility to govern their decisions. (New York magazine).

Gringrich, once a follower of Rabbi Freidman, has now found the Christian side of capitalism. The money changers are to be thrown out of the temple, Jesus instead of Moses. Greed is no longer good, it is evil, at least as practiced by the Mormon Romney.

Gringrich is, of course, a hypocrite, but his hypocrisy is more than just the price that vice pays to virtue. His hypocrisy is venal, intellectually obese, morally vacuous, he carries his hypocrisy around in full view for all to see. No one thinks that Gringrich really cares whether Romney destroyed jobs. It is fully acknowledged that Gringrich is making this attack solely for the purpose of getting elected. His only principle is that he has no principles, his only goal is political gain.

Will Gingrich’s version of a kinder, gentler, neo-capitalism appeal to the Jesus freaks, slaveocracy sympathizers and the worshippers of all things military in South Carolina?


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